About Company

We strive to make excellent customer support effortless.

HelpCenter is a team of experienced and talented individuals that focuses on creating intuitive, easy to use customer service tools for e-commerce. We are constantly looking into the latest trends of the industry and implementing the latest technological developments in our products to ensure their smooth operation.

In this day and age, customer expectations have reached new heights, and a positive customer experience actually plays a big role when it comes to decision making, helps businesses stand out from the crowd, and can directly influence business growth. At HelpCenter, our goal is to help businesses meet (and exceed) those expectations in the most efficient way possible.

HelpCenter combines three tools for better customer service in a single application. Our HelpDesk ticketing system safely registers, stores, and allows businesses to efficiently interact with prospects and customers from a single platform, no matter the channel and how many e-shops you have. FAQ builder helps to enrich the experience with an informative yet simple FAQ section to give customers all the necessary answers in advance, thus reducing potential inquiries for support agents. Finally, Live Chat provides customers with a chance to reach out to brands in real-time.

Our perennial experience with various businesses in different sectors allows us to understand every client better and offer the best solutions based on individual needs and industry-specific challenges. Does it sound like something that could help you grow? Let’s get in touch!