Black Friday Cyber Monday weekend, one of the biggest shopping events of the year is approaching fast, and we can feel it – you’re both excited and a little nervous.

It’s a great opportunity to grow your customer base and make more sales, however, with great opportunities come even bigger challenges. BFCM is not an exception but there is something you can do – get familiar with things that await you and prepare for them in advance.

That’s why we compiled this ultimate list of the best Shopify apps for Black Friday Cyber Monday that will help you make this event more manageable. Below you’ll find 6 categories of apps, from marketing to post-purchase, that can help you drive traffic to your store, provide an excellent online shopping experience, and boost Black Friday sales without stressing over it too much.

Why use Shopify apps at all?

Homepage of the Shopify app store

Third-party apps are one of many answers to the question of how to boost sales on Shopify.

There are thousands of solutions (both free and paid) that can help Shopify merchants to improve their stores in one way or another. In fact, Shopify apps are seen as one of the reasons behind the popularity of this e-commerce platform and are widely used even by the industry giants every day. For instance, out of 100 leading Shopify stores in the US, there is no single store that doesn’t have at least one Shopify app installed.

Is it why they are so successful? Apps aren’t the main reason for this, of course, but they definitely help to streamline the processes.

Note: Before going through this list of Shopify apps for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2023, keep in mind that stuffing your store with everything you can find will not lead to anything good. Too many Shopify apps can also slow down your page loading speed or annoy your visitors, leading to higher bounce rates and lost sales.

So before installing all the apps mentioned below, think twice if a specific app will meet your and your prospects’ needs.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the list of apps to use during Black Friday Cyber Monday 2023:

  1. Best Shopify apps to streamline communication during BFCM sales
  2. Apps that’ll ensure easier inventory and order management
  3. Best Shopify apps for increased traffic and winning Black Friday campaigns
  4. Apps that will help to boost conversions
  5. Apps for a better Black Friday shopping experience
  6. Shopify apps that will guarantee a better post-purchase experience

1. Best Shopify apps to streamline communication during BFCM sales

With an increased number of inquiries and orders during BFCM, it can get more difficult to pay the same level of attention to each store visitor and customer.

The burden usually falls on your front-line workers – support team, which plays a crucial role in how shoppers see your brand and whether or not they are willing to come back to your store.

Here are some apps that will help you to prepare your customer service team for Black Friday madness.

HelpCenter customer service app

HelpCenter Shopify App

HelpCenter is one of the TOP-rated apps in the customer service category that combines several great tools that can both reduce the number of inquiries and help you cope with those that will reach your inbox.

Using HelpCenter’s FAQ builder, you can add a comprehensive FAQ page to your store in around 10 minutes, answering customers’ questions before they actually get asked.

The app also comes with a user-friendly help desk that centralizes communication from different channels and lets you access everything in one place. During BFCM, boosting the speed and quality of problem resolution will be appreciated. Besides, you can use many internal tools, like tags, comments, automation rules, etc. to improve your productivity and teamwork.

HelpCenter also offers to set up a live chat to your store that will help your customers to easily contact you in real-time, which can both boost their shopping experience and increase your chances of sealing the deal.

HelpCenter pricing: Free plan available. Paid plans start from $6.67/month (annual subscription).

Tidio – Live Chat & Chatbots

Tidio is a Shopify app focused on instant communication via live chat. It’s one of the most preferred communication forms among the customers so definitely a must-have for the upcoming BFCM weekend.

Tidio’s live chat also comes with built-in chatbots and marketing automation that can take some of the burden off your shoulders and save a significant amount of time for other important stuff.

Tidio pricing: Free plan available. Paid plans vary between $15/month-$25/month.

Marketing+Support on WhatsApp

As of 2023, WhatsApp is the most popular mobile messenger app globally, with more than 2 billion users worldwide. Therefore, Marketing+Support on WhatsApp support app becomes an essential tool to connect with customers during Black Friday sales via the channel they prefer and use daily.

Besides quick customer support, you can also use SuperLemon to send abandoned cart reminders, order confirmations and shipment information, automated messages, create your own messaging templates, and more. There’s also a WhatsApp Share button available that can help you to increase referral sales.

SuperLemon pricing: Free plan available. You can upgrade to the Ultimate plan for $15/month.

POWR Form Builder

POWR Form Builder (best Black Friday apps)

POWR Form Builder can be a great addition to your store for many reasons. This app enables you to create a wide variety of forms, like email signup, feedback, inquiry, returns, product registration, contact, and many other forms for building your contact lists, collecting important user data, and easier communication and management of specific inquiries.

Forms come with multiple field options, the possibility to upload files, captcha to prevent spam, etc., and can be added anywhere on the page.

POWR Form Builder pricing: Free plan available. Paid plans start from $9.99/month.

2. Apps that’ll ensure easier inventory and order management

During the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas (Black Friday included), businesses tend to make the most of their yearly sales. Considering this, effective inventory and order management can quickly get out of hand once you step into the final quarter of the year.

If stockouts or lost orders were fun, there would be no solutions like the following apps that can help you prevent them.

Stock Sync

Stock Sync is one of the go-to apps if keeping track of your inventory has become an unbearable task.

This app will help you to easily update and add new products to your store (or even multiple stores). Stock Sync automatically updates your inventories between your vendors and suppliers feed, warehouses, and dropshipping inventory, integrating them into one system, thus saving time and making everything easier to follow.  

Stock Sync pricing: Free plan available. Paid plans vary from $5/month to $49/month.

Pre-order Now

Preorder option on an e-commerce store (Shopify Black Friday apps)

Pre-order Now basically does what it says – allows your store visitors to pre-order products that are out-of-stock or are going to be released soon.

For you as a store owner, it helps to determine the demand for your products, make calculations and predictions, and take care of your customer needs in advance. Features like badges, emails, tagging, mixed cart alerts, also automatic swaps of buttons (for instance, from Add to cart to Pre-order when the item is out of stock) can not only prevent misunderstandings but also help you make more sales.

Pre-order Now pricing: Free plan available. Paid plans start from $19.95/month.

3. Best Shopify apps for increased traffic and winning Black Friday campaigns

Just having a great product catalog doesn’t guarantee you success during the biggest shopping weekend of the year. As the e-commerce competition is fiercer than ever, you have to fight for every customer and encourage them to choose you over your competition.

For this, you have to market and promote your products right. These 5 apps can make this process a lot easier for you.

Plug in SEO

SEO can help attract visitors who need something that you have but are not aware of your business yet, and this can work really well for the upcoming BFCM. Plug in SEO app can make this process a bit easier for you, especially if you don’t have that much experience with Search Engine Optimization.

Plug in SEO provides e-commerce store owners with the crucial tools that will make search engines “like your website”, therefore, will help you rank higher in search results. You can edit meta titles and descriptions in bulk, easily fix headings, image alt texts, detect and fix broken links, find the best keywords to rank for, and more. Plug in SEO will also periodically scan your store for critical issues and help you fix them.

Plug in SEO pricing: Free plan available. Plug in SEO Plus costs $29.99/month.

Klaviyo: Email Marketing & SMS

With the Klaviyo Shopify app, you can send personalized email and SMS marketing campaigns that will both inform your existing customers about upcoming BFCM sales and let you win new ones.

Klaviyo will give you access to a variety of pre-built forms, templates, and automation that will improve the speed and quality of your communication. You can also send automatic welcome and abandoned cart messages, use the collected data for product recommendations, reach customers using SMS marketing, and analyze the results for improvement. The app integrates with over 100 tools.

Klaviyo pricing: Free email for up to 250 contacts, SMS for up to 50 contacts. Paid plans start from $30/month (external charges may apply).


Affiliate marketing is an ideal marketing model for dropshipping businesses to advertise their products and increase revenue without any upfront cost.

UpPromote: Affiliate Marketing is an all-in-one marketing tool that can help you build, track and succeed in affiliate marketing. Using this app, you can build a professional affiliate campaign and easily approach potential affiliates.

UpPromote allows you to easily track every click, order from affiliates with various tracking methods and a reliable tracking process. When building your affiliate programs, you can simply generate unlimited commission programs. Also, you can quickly create and assign coupons/referral links for affiliates/influencers.

If you feel tired of looking for qualified affiliates, don’t worry because UpPromote Marketplace will help you to find and expand your network of potential ambassadors/influencers.

UpPromote pricing: Free plan available. Paid plan at $29.99/month.

Referral Candy

Referral Candy is a Shopify app that focuses on making referral marketing effortless by automating the entire process. Put simply, it's easy to let your customers enroll, refer your business to their friends, and get a reward afterward.

Some of the key features of Referral Candy include sales tracking for identifying top referrers, automatic rewards payout, customized emails and landing pages, share tracking on social media channels, and integration with such tools as Mailchimp or Klaviyo.

Referral Candy pricing: $59/month. 30-day free trial available.

Google, Facebook & Insta Ads

Shopify app for ads and retargeting

With Googlo, Facebook & Insta ads, you can automate your advertising operations and drive more quality traffic to your store. This means less manual and repetitive work and more time for actual sales.

The app does most of the work for you, usually, you just have to approve it in a few clicks. For instance, the app can generate headlines for multiple products, adjust visuals, copy, and targeting (by tracking store visitors’ behavior). Besides, you can connect your Facebook and Google accounts for easier ad management. Ads will also stop automatically if a product runs out of stock, and get updated if anything in the product title, image, or descriptions changes.

Pricing: Free to install. Paid plans start from $29.99/month depending on the features you choose.

Dynamic Retargeting for Google

Retargeting is a great way to encourage visitors who have already checked your products to come back to your store and, hopefully, complete the purchase. This is exactly what Dynamic Retargeting for Google helps to do.

The code for retargeting and remarketing can be automatically implemented into your website in a single click, without the need to edit the code. After that, the app takes care of the audiences that will be targeted, for instance, previous customers, visitors who abandoned their carts, or those who visited a product page but did not purchase. Then, the only thing left will be for you to set up your campaigns.

Dynamic Retargeting for Google pricing: $9.99/month. 7-day free trial available.

4. Apps that will help to boost conversions

In the 2022 Black Friday Cyber Monday weekend, Shopify achieved a historic milestone with independent businesses worldwide raking in a staggering $7.5 billion in sales. This marked a remarkable 19% growth compared to the $6.3 billion generated during Shopify's Black Friday Cyber Monday weekend in 2021.

Although people are getting more comfortable going back to physical stores, the online shopping trend is still expected to maintain a similar pace. To be a part of these numbers, check out the best Shopify apps for Black Friday that can help to sell more.

LimeSpot Personalizer

LimeSpot Personalizer Shopify app (best bundle apps for shopify)

LimeSpot Personalizer is your all-in-all tool for creating personalized experiences, like product recommendations, suggestions, frequently bought together and you-may-like options, customized upsell and cross-sell, product bundles, and more.

The app suggests recommendations based on current products, related items and items in the cart, recent purchases or product views, and shows them across your store (cart, checkout, thank-you pages, and even 404). It also allows you to personalize your emails and content, segment the audience, and take advantage of multivariate testing.

LimeSpot Personalizer pricing: Starting from $18/month.

LnagShop AI Language Translate

LangShop, translation app for Shopify

LangShop is a powerful tool designed for Shopify store owners seeking to expand into global markets. This app streamlines the translation of your store into multiple languages and enables transactions in various currencies, helping you reach a global audience.

Key Features of LangShop:

  • Effortless Translation: Choose manual translation, AI-driven options like Google or DeepL, or collaborate with native speakers for accurate language translation.
  • Comprehensive Localization: Translate not only product descriptions but also third-party apps, checkout processes, URLs, and support right-to-left (RTL) languages like Arabic and Hebrew.
  • Custom Shopping Experience: Create a personalized language and currency switcher for a user-friendly shopping journey.
  • Geolocation Recommendations: LangShop detects customer locations and browser preferences, enhancing the shopping experience.

LangShop is a great solution to break language barriers and tap into international sales successfully. Reach a worldwide customer base effortlessly with LangShop and watch your business thrive globally.

LangShop pricing: Free plan available. Pro plan starts from $10/month (14-day free trial).

Yotpo Product Reviews & Photos

Positive customer reviews do boost conversions – it’s a fact. Most people check them before purchasing and they help to make the final decision. Showcasing your customers’ experiences with your brand on your store can help you significantly increase sales, and Yotpo is one of the top apps for this.

The reviews and ratings can be collected via email, SMS, or on-site using a Reviews Widget. You can incentivize users to leave reviews with coupons, and showcase their experiences (with photos, if any) anywhere on the site, for instance, product pages or your home page.

Yotpo pricing: Free plan available. Paid plans start from $15/month.

Free Shipping Bar

Free Shipping Bar is an app that shows progressive messages on your store to encourage customers to reach the goal. Which, obviously, is free shipping.

It means that you have to set up the cart goal when the free shipping becomes available and shoppers will be able to see how much more they have to spend to get it. As simple as that – this app will motivate customers to spend more to get the benefit, increasing your cart values and boosting sales.

Free Shipping Bar pricing: Free plan available. Premium plan costs $9.99/month or $8.25/month on an annual subscription.

Flair Product Badges & Banners

Flair Product Badges & Banners can help you highlight your promotions and create urgency which, together with the nature of BFCM itself, can bring you impressive results.

You can choose from many different badges to add to your product pages, for example, sale badges, flash sale, hard to find, limited-time offer, best seller, members-only, back in stock badges, and many more. The app also features badges and banners focused on Black Friday Cyber Monday specifically as well as other holidays throughout the year.

Flair Product Badges & Banners pricing: From $29/month.

5. Apps for a better Black Friday shopping experience

The online shopping experience consists of many smaller elements like your website loading speed, store navigation, the way you showcase your products, how simple your checkout process is, even the placement of the buttons, etc.

This category requires a lot of thought since there are many things that you can still miss (or overdo!). Below are the apps that are worth your consideration if you want to boost your customer satisfaction and likely see them visiting your store again.

Searchanise Search & Discovery

Smart Search and Filter Shopify app

Visitors who know exactly what they came for will appreciate you adding Searchanise Search & Discovery to your store.

It allows you to provide highly relevant product suggestions once someone starts typing into your store’s search bar. The app can autocomplete the search, provide suggestions despite the typos and spelling mistakes, show product suggestions with thumbnails, price, ratings, etc., supports 6,000+ languages, and more.

Searchanise Search & Discovery pricing: Free plan available. Pro plan costs $9/month or $6.30/month on an annual plan.

SweetCheckout ‑ One Click Sell

SweetCheckout One Click Sell will reduce the number of steps a visitor has to take to become a customer, and that’s what will both boost their experience and can help to increase your Black Friday Cyber Monday sales on Shopify.

Besides skipping cart and directing shoppers straight to the checkout page, this app also offers differently styled "Buy now" buttons that you can add next to the "Add to cart" button. Fast Checkout In One Click is easy to install and will go hand-in-hand with most of the themes.

SweetCheckout ‑ One Click Sell pricing: Free plan available. Unlimited plan costs $4.49/month or $3.74/month on an annual subscription.

Hyperspeed: Extreme Page Speed

There are not that many things that are more annoying than long loading times when you shop online. This is one of the reasons why your store might need Hyperspeed during Black Friday 2023.

Hyperspeed uses many different ways to optimize the speed of your store, including LazyLoad and Critical CSS inlining (meaning that images, for instance, will load only before the visitor is about to see them), advanced image compression, JS & CSS minification, and more.

Hyperspeed pricing: $49/month.

6. Shopify apps that will guarantee a better post-purchase experience

So someone has just placed an order on your store and paid for it. Great, but your job is not done yet!

Your customers expect a smooth delivery process, full transparency, and a decent reason to buy from you again. Using the apps below, you can give them that reason.

Trackr – Order Tracking

Trackr - real-time order tracking information

Requests for order tracking information during such active weekends as BFCM can sometimes get just too much to handle. The truth is – you don't have to deal with this at all, just let Trackr do its job.

Trackr is an order tracking app that provides real-time information from more than 900 carriers globally. The app allows you to add an order tracking page to your store so that the customers can follow their parcel journey themselves by simply filling in their order information.

The page can be fully customized to match your store design, and you can also choose to send automatic order status updates via email (that you can also adjust to your needs by inserting a logo, changing colors, etc.).

Trackr pricing: $9/month or $4/month ($48/year) on an annual plan.

ReturnGO Returns & Exchanges

There will always be shoppers who will want to return the products they’ve purchased, whatever the reason. ReturnGo is focused on helping you deliver a positive return experience to your customers so that they’d be willing to come back.

Returns & Exchange Portal enables customers to request a return in a few clicks. For you, it will simply make the management of all those requests a lot easier by letting you access them in one place. This app can come in really handy after Black Friday Cyber Monday shopping madness!

ReturnGo: $17/month.

UserLoop Post Purchase Surveys

Last but definitely not least – you’d want to hear how did you do this BFCM weekend and improve for the next year, right? UserLoop Post Purchase Surveys, a post-purchase survey app, lets you do that.

With UserLoop Post Purchase Surveys you can conduct two kinds of surveys – checkout surveys and email surveys. It’s very easy to follow (takes one click for the customer the access it) and you can customize surveys to match your brand personality. Besides, integration with Shopify allows you to see all of the most important details (like customer, order, revenue data) next to each response, giving you a clearer image of your performance.

UserLoop Post Purchase Surveys pricing: Free plan available. Paid plans start from $29/month.

Overcome challenges with Shopify apps for Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2023

You should now have decent artillery to face and fight the challenges BFCM weekend will bring this year.

These Shopify apps will help you to better organize, manage, and execute your customers’ orders, both boosting positive perceptions of your business and improving the way you work. Preparation is key and when done right, it will allow you to unlock the benefits of that hard work.

App name Price Free trial Rating Support
HelpCenter Free plan
3 days 4.6 Email,
live chat
Tidio Free plan
7 days 4.7 Email,
live chat
POWR Free plan
- 4.7 Email
Stock Sync Free plan
14 days 4.7 Email
Pre-Order Now Free plan
14 days 4.7 Email
Plug In SEO From $29.99 14 days 4.7 Email
Klaviyo Free plan
- 3.9 Email
UpPromote Free plan
14 days 4.9 Email,
live chat
Referral Candy From $59.99 14 days 4.8 Email
Google, Facebook &
Insta ads
From $29.99 - 4.6 Email
Retargeting for
Google Ads
Free plan
7 days 4.6 Email,
call center
LimeSpot Personalizer Free plan
14 days 4.7 Email
LangShop Free plan
14 days 4.8 Email, live chat,
video call
Yotpo Free plan
- 4.9 Email
Hextom: Free shipping
Free plan
- 4.9 Email, live chat
Flair Product Badges Free plan
14 days 4.9 Email
Searchanise Search
& Filter
Free plan
14 days 4.7 Email
SweetCheckout $4.99 5 days 4.6 Email, live chat
Hyperspeed $49 7 days 4.9 Email
Trackr From $9 30 days 3.9 Email, live chat
ReturnGO From $17 14 days 4.9 Email
UserLoop Free plan
- 5 Email, call