We all know that exceptional customer experience is the most important indicator of any successful business these days. Between the rising costs of customer acquisition and the huge benefits of loyal customers, your ability to meet customer expectations quickly is the key to customer retention and long-term relationships.

Some small businesses still manage customer service requests directly through the channels that customers use. But this approach doesn't support your business development since you waste a huge amount of time every day switching between email, Facebook and Instagram (or any other communication channel) and copying/pasting information between platforms. In addition, you won't have access to time-saving automation features and much-needed self-service options.

In this article, we'd love to introduce you to the new free plan of our HelpCenter Shopify app and all the features you need to provide your customers with exceptional experience.

What is the HelpCenter Shopify app?

Before representing the features of our new free plan, let’s take a look at our HelpCenter Shopify app and its benefits for your eCommerce business.

In the eCommerce world, help desk apps, such as HelpCenter, are commonly known as a system that helps customers get answers to their questions. Typically, businesses use help desk apps to help their customers with problems and questions related to products and orders.

The HelpCenter Shopify app allows customer service teams to manage, organize, respond to, and report on customer requests (or tickets).

If you want to build a customer-centric company focused on increasing value and growth for customers, meeting and exceeding their expectations is essential. The best customer service comes from people using top-notch technology to help scale the impact of each support rep and the solutions they identify for their customers.


Companies without help desk solutions can end up with many dissatisfied and irritated customers. The number one reason customers leave or switch to a new brand is because they feel unheard or unappreciated.

In our competitive world, the truth is, if you don't have a system in place to quickly resolve customer issues, they will leave you. They will never stick with a company that keeps escalating their problems and keeping them waiting, which is why you need our HelpCenter Shopify app.

To convince you even more, let's look at the following benefits of the app:

  • Effective management of customer requests.

Undoubtedly, perfect management of customer requests is one of the biggest benefits of any help desk system. With the well-designed helpdesk ticket system and a dedicated customer service team who resolve customer issues in a timely manner, you can resolve issues and complaints in a short time.

These days, no customer has the patience to wait several days for their problem to be resolved. The sooner your company solves the problem, the greater the chance that they will stay with you.

  • Fast resolution of customer issues with the ticketing system.

The key to excellent customer service is to resolve issues quickly. Using the HelpCenter ticketing system is the best way to make sure that no request goes unnoticed, and you can provide your customers with a fast and effective solution.

The ticket system acknowledges receipt of the request, queues it for resolution until a support representative collects it. This way, the customer service representative is sure that the request is being processed, and the customer is sure that the problem will be solved.

  • Pre-set responses.

Help desk solutions typically come with pre-configured response features to generate automated messages for common customer inquiries. This includes confirmation messages for requests, general instructions for customers, and so on.

These carefully prepared responses can enable you to quickly respond to customer requests. This saves the support team from having to copy and paste the same message to send to every customer. This is perhaps one of the most thoughtful benefits of help desk apps.

  • 24/7 support.

Want to build customer loyalty? Try to offer 24/7 support!

When customers complain or email you, their biggest concern is whether they get a response. Companies that respond promptly and are available to customers around the clock have the most loyal customers.

HelpCenter Shopify app allows you to stay in touch with your customers even beyond working hours with the help of contact forms.

Businesses can use customer support solutions to send automatic responses to submitted requests. This reassures customers that their request was received and processed all day long, every day—without having to hire additional help desk representatives to work around the clock.

This way, customers will immediately know that you are working hard to help them. This shows that you care about them.

You can also provide additional information, such as links to frequently asked questions (FAQs), or direct them to the Customer Self-Service Portal or Business Help Center.

Still having doubts about the HelpCenter app? So, we are ready to present you all the useful features of the free plan!

Free plan features

As we’ve already known, help desk apps are essential for any eCommerce business that focuses on customer service. But what if you could get all the benefits for free?

With our new free plan it’s possible. Get everything you need to provide exceptional customer experience at no cost. Let’s take a look at all the features you will get with our free plan.

  • 10 helpdesk tickets per month. If you are a small business or a startup, it’s a perfect offer. This way, you can serve your customers with the help of a convenient ticketing system to provide fast and effective solutions.

  • 5 FAQ articles. These days, many customers prefer to go with the self-service option rather than contacting customer support. That’s why a detailed and easy-to-navigate FAQ page can be a great resource for both customers and your team (especially during the holiday shopping season).

    Providing your customers with self-service options can greatly improve the customer experience and reduce customer support time by allowing your website visitors to find the answers they need on their own.
  • Basic templates. Templates for FAQs and tabs creation help you to save tons of time. So you can focus your effort on developing your other skills and strategies.
Templates examples

  • 1 chatbot. A chatbot is an automated system that does not require human participation. Chatbot answers common questions in seconds. The advantage is that it can support multiple customers at the same time. It can actively pop up to ask site visitors questions through various triggers that you set up yourself.

    And if you don't offer 24/7 customer support, chatbots are the best solution as they can provide your potential customers with the ability to get answers anytime. With a chatbot, your team can save more time and energy to focus on more complex issues that require human input, instead of dealing with repetitive requests over and over again.


As you can see, with the HelpCenter Shopify app you are able to get all the essential features for free to provide your customers with exceptional service. This is a great deal if you are a small business owner or a new to the eCommerce business.

However, the HelpCenter app is the best Shopify app not only for small businesses, but also for businesses of any size. We offer 4 different options that are flexible and created to meet the individual needs of a Shopify merchant. Check out the detailed pricing plans here.