Online shopping isn’t only about purchasing the product that you need. Everything that leads to the moment your website visitor pays for their order can shape their perception of your brand… for good.

In other words, a seamless shopping experience is a must for today’s demanding consumer, and it highly depends on how convenient it is to stroll around your online store.

That’s what brings us to Shopify themes. When choosing the right Shopify theme for your store, the general appearance shouldn’t be the only thing you consider. It’s also important to pay attention to its functionalities, like speed and site navigation, to make sure it also helps you convert more visitors.

So without further ado, let’s dive into this list of best converting Shopify themes that will not only make your store look great but can also help you boost your results.

What does a well-converting theme mean?

Shopify theme store

The thing is – it's doubtful that the theme alone, however eye-catching and beautiful it is, will encourage people to buy from you. What we're actually talking about here are certain elements that the specific themes have.

Some of the website elements that can increase conversion are:

  • Load speed. The Shopify theme you’re about to choose should load fast as the page is speed is one of the key factors that impacts visitors’ willingness to buy. The highest conversion rates occur between 0 and 2 seconds and tend to decrease by an average of 1.2% for every additional second it takes for your website to load, according to Portent.
  • Clear navigation. Shoppers definitely don’t want to spend most of their time on your store figuring out how it works. If visitors can’t quickly find what they need, it will hurt your conversion rates. Navigating your website should be effortless and help guide people to checkout.
  • Mobile-responsiveness. Many purchases are now happening on mobile; therefore, your theme must be mobile-friendly. Otherwise, zooming in and out, missing buttons, and scrolling back and forth can just leave your customers frustrated.
  • Cleanliness. Although it’s difficult to tell what you do/don’t need on your website without testing it, it should be your goal to include only the elements that are absolutely necessary to avoid distractions and clutter.
  • Visuals-focused. Visuals – photos, videos, animations – don't only grab attention but also help customers get a better idea about your products and build trust. That’s why the possibility to highlight your best-sellers, use photo galleries, zoom on pictures, etc., is important when choosing a Shopify theme.
  • Action buttons. Strategically-placed call-to-actions that are easy to spot and follow through the website make it clear to the visitors what action to take next.
  • Customization options. As customer behavior changes, your Shopify theme should allow you to easily make edits and improve your store to meet customer needs. Besides, you likely want your theme to suit your unique brand and stand out from other stores that may choose the same layout.

So for the best results, pay attention to the features above when choosing a Shopify theme for your store.

There's no right or wrong answer when it comes to paid versus free Shopify themes. It's a decision that you, as a store owner, have to make based on many different aspects of your business.

For instance, if you only sell a couple of simple products (e. g., keychains), there's probably no need for you to pay for a Shopify theme. Your store should be easy enough to complete that one action – buy a keychain, in this case – which doesn't necessarily require some fancy photo galleries or detailed product pages. Therefore, a free Shopify theme might work just fine.

However, some of the best paid Shopify themes can bring your store looks and feels to a whole new level. The features they come with can make a huge difference in overall professionalism, even if those look like little things at first, and boost your customer experience.

If your e-commerce store has a lot of merchandise, it becomes very important how you present it – organize catalogs, sidebars, product descriptions, etc. To get the best out of it, you need your theme to be designed in a specific way and have certain features that can put your product in the best possible light. For this, you’d need to go for a paid Shopify theme as most free themes have limitations.

All in all, the key thing when deciding whether or not to purchase a Shopify theme is to not only focus on how it looks but also consider its effectiveness – does it have everything you need to help you convert more visitors into customers and meet your business goals?

On that note, let’s explore some of the best-converting Shopify themes that can make your decision easier. Below you’ll find some of the most popular themes for the top product categories on Shopify:

  1. Clothing
  2. Home and garden
  3. Jewelry and watches
  4. Health and beauty

1. Best Shopify themes for clothing stores

Product photography is one of the most important aspects of the whole website for clothing stores. Since your potential customers can't touch or try the clothes on, being able to see just enough detail can become a deciding factor. Therefore, choosing the best Shopify theme for clothing, pay close attention to visuals-related features.

1. Ella

Ella Shopify theme pricing: $89

Where to get: Envato Market

Store example: See here

Ella Shopify theme

Ella is one of the most popular Shopify themes in general, perfectly suited for any clothing store that aims to convey quality and professionalism. It’s rich in features, layouts and styles, and enables you to choose the website structure that’s the best fit for you and your customers.

Key features:

🔸 Fast navigation, smart search and suggestions

🔸 Wide variety of homepage layouts and skins

🔸 Multiple header and footer options

🔸 Dozens of layout options for category, collection, landing, and product pages, blog

🔸 Custom pages, such as about us, lookbook, FAQs, contact page, etc.

🔸 3D model and media video support

🔸 Quick shop, Quick edit cart, and Quick update cart for customer convenience

🔸 One-click checkout

🔸 Multiple languages, currencies, currency converter

🔸 Upselling features, frequently bought together, out-of-stock alerts, pop-ups, etc.

🔸 Fast loading speed

🔸 Looks great on smaller screens (responsive, mobile-optimized design)

🔸 Easy to use and customize

2. Testament

Testament Shopify theme pricing: $240

Where to get: Shopify

Store example: See here

Testament Shopify theme

Conversion-focused and mobile-optimized for fast online shopping – this Testament theme description sounds promising already, right?

Great for high-volume clothing stores, Testament allows users to create customer pages using drag-and-drop sections and blocks easily. Theme's design is focused on visuals, enabling you to highlight your best products while maintaining visual brand storytelling.

Key features:

🔸 Quick view and Quick buy

🔸 High-resolution image galleries, image rollover and zoom, slideshows, product video support

🔸 Product options, color swatches, product tabs, and product badges

🔸 Promo banners, in-menu promos

🔸 Slide-out cart

🔸 Cross-selling features, recommended products, recently viewed products

🔸 FAQ, blog pages

🔸 Customizable contact form

🔸 Collection page navigation, product filtering and sorting, sticky header

🔸 Fast loading speed, mobile-responsive

3. Wookie

Wookie Shopify theme pricing: $89

Where to get: Envato Market

Store example: See here

Best-converting Shopify themes - Wookie

Another Envato Market's top-seller – Wookie – is used by more than 120,000 Shopify stores and offers many great design features for e-commerce business growth. The theme looks equally good both on desktop and mobile, allows you to choose from a wide variety of layouts and styles for different site structures, and lets you easily organize all website content, from navigation to product images and descriptions.

Key features:

🔸 Fast loading speed and responsive design

🔸 90+ homepage layouts, single product store layout, different options for shop and product pages

🔸 Multiple header variants, information top panel, banner section

🔸 Advanced mega menu

🔸 Dynamic filtering

🔸 Numerous product filters, color, size, material swatches, wishlist and compare

🔸 Quick view, light box option for product pages, image slider

🔸 Pre-order feature

🔸 Well-thought-out action buttons (different banner buttons, sticky “Add to cart” button, dynamic checkout buttons)

🔸 3D model, AR, and video support in product pages

🔸 Instagram shop

🔸 Fast product configuration

🔸 Optimized for dropshipping

2. Best Shopify themes for home and garden

When people are shopping for home items or products for their gardens, placing an image in their heads is important. Showcasing things surrounded in a home-like environment – so that they can imagine how the item they're about to buy will look in their personal spaces. As for Shopify themes, the home and garden category often requires an option to easily manage larger catalogs due to the variety of products.

4. Expanse

Expanse Shopify theme pricing: $310

Where to get: Shopify

Store example: See here

Expanse Shopify theme

Expanse theme is specifically designed for high-volume stores that have large quantities of products and process many transactions. For this reason, it's particularly loved by dropshippers, who often need to manage hundreds of items and organize them into different product categories to make it easy for customers to explore. Using the Expanse theme, you can make it all look neat.

Key features:

🔸 Wide variety of sections (20+)

🔸 Quick buy, Quick view, slide-out cart

🔸 Drag-and-drop sections and blocks to create custom pages throughout the store

🔸 Collection page navigation, enhanced search, mega menu, product filtering and sorting

🔸 Product sales points and meta fields

🔸 Multiple landing, product, and collection templates

🔸 High-resolution images, image zoom, video support, lookbooks, product tabs, color swatches, and more

🔸 Cross-selling features, recommended products, cart upsells, stock counter

🔸 Custom promotion designer, in-menu promos, promo tiles, promo pop-ups and banners

🔸 Product reviews, trust badges

5. Rubix

Rubix Shopify theme pricing: $69

Where to get: Envato Market

Store example: See here

Best Shopify themes - Rubix

Rubix Shopify theme is minimal and clean, which allows your products to shine. It’s perfect for showcasing home and garden items as it doesn’t distract the viewer with unnecessary elements and focuses on what matters – the things you're selling.

Rubix comes with the key features every e-commerce store needs, like intuitive navigation, mobile responsiveness, easy content management, while also taking one step further with advanced functionalities, like AR and 3D model support, that help turn visitors into customers.

Key features:

🔸 Drag-and-drop feature for easy site management

🔸 20+ unique homepage layouts, a wide variety of layout options for shop and product pages

🔸 Quick view pop-up

🔸 Mega menu

🔸 Built-in slider, product carousel, grid and list modes

🔸 Categories, trending products, best-sellers

🔸 Product filters

🔸 3D model, AR and video support

🔸 Advanced typography options, Google Web Fonts integration

🔸 Lazy loading (on-demand loading)

🔸 Mobile responsiveness, retina support

🔸 Fast loading speed

🔸 SEO-optimized

6. Motion

Motion Shopify theme pricing: $310

Where to get: Shopify

Store example: See here

Motion - Best Shopify themes for conversion

Motion is a very visual, dynamic, and easy to navigate Shopify theme. What catches your eye first is its focus on animation and video that make the website lively and let your best-selling products stand out.

Motion suits catalogs of any size, meaning that no matter how far along of your e-commerce journey you are, this theme can be a good choice.

Key features:

🔸 20+ sections

🔸 Quick view, Quick buy, slide-out cart

🔸 Collection collage options

🔸 Great for high-volume stores

🔸 Focus on visuals – animation, videos, HQ images, galleries, image rollover, zoom, lookbooks, etc.

🔸 Product filtering and sorting, enhanced search, collection page navigation, sticky header

🔸 Megamenu

🔸 Suits for stores that have physical locations (in-store pickups)

🔸 Cross-selling, recommended products, trust badges, product reviews

🔸 Promo banners and pop-ups

🔸 Blogs, FAQ page, customizable contact form

3. Best Shopify themes for jewelry and watches

If you're selling jewelry or watches, you may want to build a solid online presence. It's even better if it's spiced up with a dash of exclusivity and glamour.

People entering your online store should feel the quality your products convey and be able to effortlessly go through different collections or instantly search for something they already have in mind.

Let’s see what Shopify themes can help them achieve that.

7. Corano

Corano Shopify theme pricing: $48

Where to get: Envato Market

Store example: See here

Corano Shopify theme

Corano theme for Shopify jewelry stores looks both classy and very simple. It's actually exactly how you'd imagine an online jewelry store to look like, and that's not really a bad thing. Moreover, if light color tones are not your cup of tea, Corano offers a switch to a dark version.

With Corano, you can benefit from several different homepage layouts, which will let you choose the best fit for your unique products. The theme is 100% responsive and mobile-optimized, comes with a mega menu so that the visitors can easily access any page they need, have plenty of features for the best visual representation, and is easy to customize.

Key features:

🔸 Multiple homepage layouts

🔸 Multiple header options

🔸 Category custom view – grid, list view, etc.

🔸 Mega menu

🔸 Drag-and-drop page builder

🔸 Wide product media options – 3D models, AR, videos

🔸 Great for dropshipping, support affiliate marketing tasks

🔸 Mini cart

🔸 Instagram feed, Facebook comment option

🔸 Fully responsive and mobile-optimized

🔸 RTL (right-to-left) included for different languages

8. Alchemy

Alchemy Shopify theme pricing: $240

Where to get: Shopify

Store example: See here

Alchemy Shopify theme

Similarly to Corano, Alchemy is also designed to create an impact with visuals which is important when selling accessories like watches. The theme is tastefully made, more suited for smaller catalogs, and comes with valuable features for international selling.

Besides, you get to choose between different homepage designs and internal page layouts. Image galleries, rollover, zoom, and other options let your visitors get the full image of your products, leaving no unanswered questions.

Key features:

🔸 HQ images, image galleries, rollover, zoom, slideshow, videos

🔸 Product options, color swatches, size chart

🔸 Product filtering and sorting, enhanced search

🔸 Mega menu & sticky header

🔸 Breadcrumbs

🔸 Cart notes, in-store pickups + store locator

🔸 Product reviews, badges, trust badges

🔸 Recommended products

🔸 In-menu promos, promo banners and pop-ups

🔸 Stock counter

🔸 Blogs

9. Woodstock

Woodstock Shopify theme pricing: $59

Where to get: Envato Market

Store example: See here

Best Shopify themes for accessories - Woodstock

Although Woodstock can be used for basically any purpose, its elegant with hints of luxury design makes it great for fashion accessories.

Woodstock offers a wide variety of homepage designs for all tastes – including light and dark versions – and plenty of features for product pages. And we’re not only talking about well-thought-out product galleries but also the additional functionalities like product tabs, upselling, cross-selling options, a powerful product section, call-to-actions, and much more.

Key features:

🔸 More than 12 fast loading homepage styles, multiple product page layouts, collection page and header styles

🔸 HQ images and product videos

🔸 Mega menu, advanced auto filter

🔸 Product page builder

🔸 Recently bought together, cross-selling and upselling options

🔸 Custom tabs, size chart, countdown

🔸 Layered banners

🔸 Wishlist feature, pre-order products

🔸 Multiple languages + RTL support

🔸 Auto currency switcher

🔸 SEO support

🔸 Great for dropshipping (compatible with Oberlo)

🔸 Responsive design

4. Best Shopify themes for health and beauty

When shopping for health and beauty products/services, what mostly drives purchase decisions is the end result rather than the product itself. Besides, you want to make sure that the customers trust your brand as it’s a sensitive topic, affecting the most important aspect of human life.

Therefore, look for the Shopify theme that conveys positive emotions and lets you show the stories of real people.

Like the ones below.

10. Uray

Uray Shopify theme pricing: $59

Where to get: Envato Market

Store example: See here

Uray Shopify theme

Uray is a clean, lightly-colored theme perfect both for cosmetics brands and health-related businesses. It’s very subtle and attractive to the eye, which will help you focus your visitors' attention on your products/services rather than distract them with unnecessary website elements.

Uray has everything you need for a smooth start and successful further brand development. Mega menu and easy navigation, plenty of layouts to choose from, social media integration that will let your existing customers share their stories are just some of the best features you’ll discover using this Shopify theme.

Key features:

🔸 Multiple homepage, inner page, and header styles

🔸 Mega menu

🔸 Product quick view

🔸 Product mapping

🔸 Product carousel, grid & list modes

🔸 Custom product attributes – from color to sizes

🔸 Advanced typography options

🔸 Newsletter pop-up

🔸 Instagram shopping

🔸 Lazy loading

🔸 Customer reviews

🔸 SEO-optimized

11. Welldone

Welldone Shopify theme pricing: $59

Where to get: Envato Market

Store example: See here

Welldone Shopify theme

This Shopify theme will work the best for nutrition/food supplements/sport equipment stores. Clean design will ensure that your audience is focused on what you sell and can quickly navigate through your products.

You'll get use of multiple sections that will allow customizing your store's homepage the way you like. Simple navigation will ensure that it's easy to find the products visitors are looking for. The theme also supports testimonials and social media integration so that you could tell stories from real customers that help you sell.

Key features:

🔸 Multiple product display and navigation options

🔸 Drag-and-drop page builder

🔸 Different header styles

🔸 Sticky menu support

🔸 Slider option for posts and galleries

🔸 Hoover effects

🔸 Back to top button

🔸 Product tabs

🔸 Testimonials

🔸 One-page site option

🔸 Multiple languages

🔸 Google web fonts

🔸 Mobile-friendly

12. Simba

Simba Shopify theme pricing: $69

Where to get: Envato Market

Store example: See here

Simba - Best Shopify themes for health and beauty

Simba is easy to customize, feature-rich theme perfect for beauty brands. You can choose from 3 unique homepage designs and adjust the elements for your liking.

Many details that may look simple at first, like product sale labels or drawer shopping cart, all add up to a better customer experience. This theme lets you organize your products so that they’re easily accessible to your potential customers without being too cluttered.

Key features:

🔸 Clean and straightforward toggle menu

🔸 Video banners

🔸 Multiple search and filtering options

🔸 Unlimited page creation

🔸 Unlimited color variation, Google web fonts, matching icons

🔸 Product tabs, product sale labels

🔸 Product owl carousel, quick shop and cloud zoom

🔸 Newsletter pop-up

🔸 Social integration

🔸 Testimonials

🔸 Easy to customize

🔸 Mobile-responsive, SEO-friendly

How to find out what Shopify theme a website is using?

You may still feel that any of the themes above don’t go with your store or don’t suit your business for some other reason, and that’s alright. You might also have discovered a store that you really like but are struggling to figure out the theme they're using.

If that’s the case, there are several ways to do it:

  1. Check the code. Open the Shopify store you want to check, right-click anywhere on the site, and select "View page source." Then, open a search box (CTRL + F on Windows and Command + F on Mac), type Shopify.theme, and you'll see the name of the theme the website is using.
  2. Browser extension. You can install a Chrome plugin (e. g., Shopify Theme Wizard) that will allow you to find out Shopify theme on a specific website.
  3. Online theme detectors. Several online tools (e. g., Shopify Theme Detector) let you fill in the URL of the store you'd like to "investigate" and instantly find out the theme it's using.

Find the theme that best suits your needs

The theme you choose for your Shopify store is sure important, but it's also important to remember that the theme alone won't do any miracles.

Certain elements that the themes possess can improve your customer experience, add a touch of exclusivity to your store, and help you sell. And just like that, poorly designed themes can also quickly drive your visitors away.

However, many other aspects, like a good copy, your marketing efforts, nurturing existing customer relationships, and similar, play a huge role in all this. The right choice of a Shopify theme can make all of these elements shine, adding up to your overall growth.