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Shopify is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms that many people choose because of how easy it is to get started. But the possibility to choose from thousands of different tools that can enhance the functionality of the online store is an attractive opportunity for any business owner, beginner or professional, and is one of the reasons behind the success of the platform.

The best thing about Shopify apps is that you don’t have to invest a whole lot of money to reach the results you want. There are plenty of apps that you can install and use for free, and in this post, we will go through some of them.

It’s important to note that many of the apps that you’ll find below also has paid plans that come with advanced functionalities. However, depending on your business size, goals and objectives, free plans might be just what you need to operate your store smoothly.

Best free Shopify apps for any e-commerce store

1. HelpCenter

Use for: Improving your customer service.

Key features: FAQ builder, help desk ticketing system (centralized communication, order management and history, automations, unlimited agents), live chat.

Rating: 4.6/5 (1300+ reviews)

The HelpCenter app was developed to help you master customer service, one of the driving forces behind customer purchase decisions. It’s one of the best free Shopify apps that serves this purpose, and here’s why.

HelpCenter comes with the main, most popular functionalities that are essential for providing seamless customer support. Therefore, the app doesn't feel too cluttered with features that you're not sure you’ll ever use, making it intuitive and very easy to navigate.

Using its FAQ builder, you will be able to create a clean-looking, user-friendly FAQ page in about 10 minutes. Pre-made templates will guide you through the most common customer concerns, like orders, shipping, payments, etc. so you’ll just have to adjust the information to fit your own business or start from scratch.

HelpCenter also offers to set up a help desk ticketing system that will centralize all interactions with customers in a single location, no matter the channel (Facebook Messenger, email, or live chat which also comes with the HelpDesk). The ability to access customer communication and order history, use automations, insert comments and more will help you to provide faster and more personal customer support.

2. Omnisend

Use for: Creating email and SMS marketing campaigns.

Key features: Pre-build e-commerce automations (cart, product abandonment, welcome emails, etc.), drag & drop email builder, email templates, user segmentation, SMS marketing options, customer analytics and segmentation tools.

Rating: 4.8/5 (5450+ reviews)

Omnisend is one of the TOP free Shopify apps that can help you keep your customers in the loop with email and SMS marketing campaigns, yet reducing your workload at the same time.

The creators of Omnisend have already done a lot for you – pre-build automation workflows and easy editing make it easy to get started in minutes. You’ll find all the messages, subject lines, and various settings ready to be used, which will save you a significant amount of time to focus on other important things.

To make your newsletters not only shoppable but also beautiful, you can use an intuitive drag & drop email builder that allows you to choose from different, ready-made email templates, insert dynamic coupon codes, and pick products automatically. As for building your email and SMS marketing subscriber lists, Omnisend offers popups, signup boxes, integrations with custom QR Codes for offline signups, landing pages, or even a wheel of fortune that will add a fun twist to your marketing game.

Customer segmentation enables you to target just the right audience (VIP, likely-to-churn customers, first-time/repeat customers, etc.), thus reaching better results that you can easily analyze inside the app and make improvements accordingly.

3. UpPromote

Use for: Building, tracking and managing your affiliate marketing campaign.

Key features: Auto-generate referral affiliate links and coupons, expanding affiliate team via UpPromote Marketplace, generating multiple commission programs, monitoring and reporting referral orders and affiliate’s performance, communicate with affiliates by in-app chat, bulk emails, automatic payout via PayPal.

Rating: 4.9/5 (3K+ reviews)

Affiliate marketing is a potential marketing model for your businesses that helps advertise without any upfront cost. And UpPromote: Affiliate Marketing is an automated all-in-one affiliate and influencer marketing solution you will ever need.

With UpPromote, you can easily track every click, order from affiliates with various tracking methods and a reliable tracking process. When building your affiliate programs, you can simply generate unlimited commission programs. Also, you can quickly create and assign coupons/referral links for affiliates/influencers.

If you feel tired of looking for qualified affiliates, don’t worry because UpPromote Marketplace will help you to find and expand your network of potential ambassadors/influencers. The plus point of UpPromote is that the app can customize everything to match your brand and take full control of how affiliates refer to your business.

To summarize, with UpPromore, you completely build, manage and succeed with your professional affiliate marketing campaign.

4. Social Media Feed by Tagembed

Use for: Adding social media feeds on Shopify website to improve visual appeal and functionality of the website.

Key features: Customization to modify social media widget on your Shopify store, moderation to maintain the quality of your website and widget, custom CTA buttons to add the functionality of the store and achieve business goals.

Rating: 4.1/5 (20+ reviews)

Social Media Feed by Tagembed is an amazing Shopify app that helps users to compile social media feeds from various platforms. After collecting, the app allows users to customize and curate feeds before displaying them on their Shopify stores.

It is compatible with 18+ social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok Videos, Google Reviews, Instagram Feeds to Shopify, and many more. Hence, you can have a pool of social media content to showcase. Alongside easing the embedding process, it provides various features that add great value to this app.

For example - you can change the card style, themes & layouts, highlight hashtags, banners and more to improve the visual appeal of your social media widget, eventually enhancing the charm of your website.

Also, it allows full control of the feed, which means you can remove the posts that you don’t want to showcase using the moderation panel. You can either remove the post manually or opt for automation, where the tool removes the posts containing desired keywords.

With a custom CTA button, you can even add a “Buy Now” button and encourage people to make purchases. Custom CSS, moderation, and analytics are some of the other major features of the app, making it one of the best social media aggregator apps on the store.

5. LayoutHub Easy Page Builder

Use for: Creating an eye-catching store design.

Key features: Professional pre-made layouts, drag & drop feature, mobile-responsive, compatible with all Shopify themes and apps.

Rating: 4.9/5 (2750+ reviews)

For people with no design or coding skills, LayoutHub Easy Page Builder can be a lifesaver. This app allows you to easily set up different types of pages on your Shopify store that will not only look beautiful but also help you convert more.

LayoutHub was created for non-technical people, therefore, it’s very easy and intuitive to use. You have the options to create basically any site you want – from home, landing, and product pages to various subpages and forms.

There are dozens of pre-made layouts you can choose for your page design, and the library is being constantly updated. All layouts are mobile-friendly, optimized for the best browsing experience, and focused on increasing your conversion rates via a great user experience.

6. Lucky Orange Heatmaps & Replay

Use for: Learning how visitors behave on your Shopify store.

Key features: Live view or full-time session recordings, dynamic heatmaps, tools to reduce cart abandonment, live chat, analytics, email reports.

Rating: 4.7/5 (1000+ reviews)

If you’re having trouble turning your site visitors into customers, Lucky Orange Heatmaps & Replay might help you find the reason behind it.

This app lets you see how visitors behave on your Shopify store by recording their sessions. It means that every move of the mouse and every click is tracked, allowing you to evaluate your site navigation, learn what’s working and what might need some improvements.

By watching live recordings, you get to see where your visitors get confused or stuck, what keeps them away from finding the information they need, or proceed to the checkout.

Moreover, heatmaps also allow you to learn what engages the visitors on your website the most, are they reaching your calls to action, or your best products. Identifying possible issues and the things you’ve done well will help you optimize your store and give some thoughts for UX improvements, thus leading to more satisfied customers and better conversion rates.

7. Low Stock – Back in Stock Pro

Use for: Recovering lost sales.

Key features: Automated emails and alerts, push notifications, Shopify themes integration, wide customization options, multiple languages, analytics.

Rating: 4.9/5 (690+ reviews)

Sometimes visitors are looking for something very specific. But sometimes they come to your store just to find out that… it’s out of stock.

Low Stock is one of the best free Shopify apps that can help you recover that lost sale by alerting shoppers who are willing to wait for their desired product to become available again.

In simple words, your prospects and customers can opt-in for receiving an email (that is fully customizable, by the way), notifications via Facebook Messenger, or web push notifications once your products are restocked. The best thing is that you don’t need to contact each customer manually since Low Stock will do it for you, saving you time and money.

8. Smart SEO

Use for: Ranking higher in search engines.

Key features: SEO tools and automation (meta tags, alt tags, broken links fix, etc.), JSON-LD structured data, sitemap support, multiple languages.

Rating: 4.9/5 (1200+ reviews)

SEO app is a must for better visibility online, and for this purpose, you can use Smart SEO. It comes with essential SEO tools and provides automation options so that you could avoid a lot of manual work while still driving traffic to your Shopify store.

As meta tags are an important aspect of all this, Smart SEO seems to pay exceptional attention to this matter as well. The app is powerful enough to generate meta titles and meta descriptions automatically in a matter of seconds and claims to be the only Shopify app that is capable of doing this so fast.

What is more, you will be able to easily generate alt tags for your images, helping SERPs to understand your website better and boost the SEO of your product pages. Smart SEO will also help you manage your store sitemap as Shopify itself doesn’t have such an option.

If you run your store in different markets, you will definitely find multi-language support helpful as it will allow you to create JSON-LD structured data and meta tags for every language used in your website.

9. Urgency+

Use for: Encouraging visitors to buy.

Key features: Customizable countdown timers for different occasions, generic and individual timers, scheduled/fixed-length, fit any position on the website, auto-restart.

Rating: 4.4/5 (450+ reviews)

The fear of missing out (FOMO) is a widely-used marketing tactic that can encourage visitors to make a purchase. It works by creating urgency and letting shoppers know there’s a limited time to take advantage of the offer, and to do this on your store you can use Urgency+.

It’s just as simple as it sounds – you can add a fully customizable countdown timer on your store, dedicated for any occasion. Whether you want to promote a special Christmas deal, count the time until the end of Black Friday sales, or offer free shipping for a few hours to push visitors into making faster decisions, you can do it with this Shopify app.

You can also choose to place the time wherever you think it’s best – homepage, products page, or specific collections. Just choose the length of the offer, type of timer (generic or individual, for better targeting), customize it to adjust your needs, and watch your revenue increase.

10. Yotpo Product Reviews & Photos

Use for: Collecting customer reviews.

Key features: Automatic review request emails, SMS, on-site widgets, photo and rating collection, social tools, analytics.

Rating: 4.8/5 (6650+ reviews)

Social proof on your store can help other visitors make their purchase decisions, and Yotpo is one of the best Shopify apps used to serve this purpose.

With Yotpo, you can collect and showcase other customers’ experiences with your products and brand in general on your website. This will help you build trust and assure shoppers it’s safe to buy from you.

You can do this in several different ways – send an automated email review request, send an SMS message, or ask for a review on your store using the reviews widget. Buyers can also upload photos alongside their text to strengthen the impression for other shoppers.

Yotpo app also allows you to easily share customer testimonials on social media and clearly display them onsite, for example, at the checkout or product pages. This way you’ll have a better chance of increasing conversions and boost your Shopify store growth.

Grow your store with free Shopify apps

Shopify app store offers hundreds of different tools that you can use free of charge to improve the performance of your website. From store design to various shipping solutions, Shopify apps can help to boost your customer satisfaction levels as well as prevent you from a lot of manual work, save a decent amount of time, and result in higher conversion rates. Go through your business goals once again and decide what apps will best fit your needs – Shopify app store is full of (FREE) opportunities for growth that just can’t be missed.