Welcome! Thank you for your interest in submitting a guest post to the HelpCenter blog. We are happy to have you here and can’t wait to collaborate to achieve the best possible results!

HelpCenter is one of the leading customer service apps on Shopify with more than 55 000 stores already enjoying the benefits that it brings.

Since we started our blog in 2020, we’ve been rapidly growing thanks to posting regularly and some other magic tricks (okay okay, it’s just hard work and years of experience that got us here...).

We’re now looking for dedicated writers who would like to share their knowledge with our readers, helping first-starters to begin their e-commerce journeys while also providing some fresh and valuable insights for those who are already on their way.

We have some rules though, so please read our guest blogging guidelines carefully - they should answer most of the questions you might have before starting.

What kind of guest articles we are happy to publish?

The type of article is not our main focus. We are happy to read various guest posts as long as they are well-written, provide a unique approach, are data-driven, and revolve around the topics related to our industry.

So whether it is a listicle, how-to guide, case study, examples/templates, your opinion, or anything else you can come up with, we will still be glad to consider publishing it on our blog.

❗️IMPORTANT: We do not accept sponsored or paid posts.

What should you write about?

When choosing your topic, keep our context and audience in mind. Our readers work in e-commerce, deal with customer service and other related challenges daily, and use Shopify to accomplish their goals.

Hence, they are the ones you should be talking to, so think about what this specific group of people would find interesting to learn. Here are some suggestions that will hopefully nudge you in the right direction:

  • E-Commerce and Shopify (e. g. trends, tips and tricks, tools).
  • Customer service and customer support (e. g. ways to improve, benefits, changing expectations).
  • Customer engagement/satisfaction/experience (e. g. how to achieve, challenges, why does it matter).
  • Anything else that you think an e-commerce store owner would find useful (e. g. coming up with a great brand name, promoting and managing online stores, etc.)


  • Give your topic a twist. There are so many articles that talk about the same things as well as topics that are already widely covered, so the competition is fierce. Avoid topics that are too general/too broad, think about different angles, something that will help your article stand out from the crowd and make it unique. This will increase your chances of getting published.
  • Talking about the same things... Avoid COVID-19 related topics unless you really have something new to say. Everyone is already familiar with the impact that the pandemic has made on e-commerce.
  • Articles containing a year (e. g. 10 Customer Service Trends To Know For 2022) are no longer that relevant in August. Try to cover those during January/February.

P.S. Before submitting your article:

1) Make sure we haven’t covered that specific topic in our blog already. You can quickly check this by typing site:helpcenterapp.com "keyword" into Google search field.

2) Please send us your topic ideas, target keywords, and a short pitch to make sure we’re in sync. Make it brief but intriguing.

3) Include at least 3 examples of your previous articles that you're proud of.

A few examples of our posts:

How To Show Empathy In Customer Service

4 Reasons Why Your E-Commerce Business Needs A Help Desk Ticketing System

FAQ Templates And Examples To Inspire Your FAQ Page Makeover

Content requirements for guest posts


  1. Keep it simple yet professional - write in a friendly tone, use clear language, vary the length of sentences, avoid passive voice, and watch out for typos and grammatical errors (we’re very serious about this one).
  2. Provide original content - we will only accept articles that haven’t been published elsewhere. Also, we don’t allow it to be republished on your own blog or other blogs afterward (sharing on social media is OK).
  3. Write to provide value - focus on passing some new and interesting information rather than just writing for the sake of it.
  4. Think about structure - use introduction to grab reader's attention, use H2, H3, bullet points, and keep the paragraphs short (around 4 lines) for better readability. Remember that conclusion is a part of the post for a reason - finish your article on a strong note.
  5. Take advantage of data, use facts and examples - it will show the readers that you take it seriously while also improving the value of your guest blog post.
  6. Sources - make sure to give credit to those who own the data that you use. Avoid using data that is older than 3 years.
  7. Avoid promotional content - we will not publish anything that directly promotes your products or services.
  8. Stay consistent - please take a stroll through our previous articles and try to keep up with the blog style.
  9. Put some thought into the post title - avoid clickbait but keep it interesting. When submitting your post, please provide at least 3 different title options to choose from.
  10. Post length - our posts are around 1500 words on average, so that is what we also expect from you.
  11. Please include meta title (follow the formula: Focus Keyword + Secondary Keyword | Brand Name - 50-60 characters overall), meta description (<160 characters), and ALT texts for the images.


Visuals are appealing so spend some time choosing the right pictures that can illustrate your article. Use high-resolution images and include them in your post in full-size.

You can use screenshots, draw schemes, post infographics, include your own videos, etc. Don't use stock photos, unless you can make original edits to illustrate your point. Please do not use any material that may be subject to copyright.

Besides linking to quality sources, we also allow 1 dofollow link (with DA higher than 20 (Moz)) to your own site. We accept links that are non-promotional (naturally fit your content) and provide value to the readers. Linking to product pages is considered promotional content.

Make sure to include relevant links to our previous blog posts.

Author bio

We value your effort and want our readers to know you better. Include a short description of your previous experience, what you do, or what you’re passionate about (those are just a few suggestions, it’s up to you!).

How to submit a guest post?

  1. Contact us to agree on a topic (send us a short pitch, your target keywords, and 3 of your best articles);
  2. Write your article following these guidelines;
  3. Edit and double-check. Then check again;
  4. Send us your post via Google Docs;
  5. Wait for our feedback.

What to expect next?

  1. Agreeing on a topic is not a guarantee that we will publish your guest post. We reserve the right to reject a guest post that does not meet our quality standards.
  2. We might send you some suggestions if we see that there’s still room for improvement.
  3. It might take up to two weeks to hear from us. Stay patient.

3 more things to keep in mind

  • We will not reply to outreach emails that don't contain the information we require (see How to submit a guest post? again)
  • We prioritize possible partnerships, guest post exchange, etc. We are interested in links from websites with DR higher than 50 (Ahrefs).
  • We reserve the right to decline a guest post after editing if it still doesn't meet our quality standards.


Let’s get in touch! Send an email to [email protected] (subject line: GUEST POST PITCH), pitch your topic ideas and include target keywords. Good luck!