To increase customer reach and engagement rates, multiple brands are currently turning towards social media marketing. Instagram, in particular, is a highly preferred option among consumers. Statistically, the platform has a global user base of 1.074 billion in 2021, and the count is expected to rise. Therefore, there are multiple business-oriented and individual content creator accounts available on Instagram.

Reportedly, 71% of businesses in the U.S. utilize this platform to increase engagement and conversion rates. Many of these accounts are successful with Instagram users due to their well-designed and well-planned marketing strategies and content. As a business owner, you can boost your company's brand popularity, if you develop a suitable marketing strategy.

This article will overview 11 Instagram accounts and give you some insights on their content that can help you learn something new every single day. Thereafter, you can find out why they've gained so many Instagram followers and adapt your plan accordingly.

1. Entrepreneur Magazine

Entrepreneur magazine Instagram account

Username: @entrepreneur

This account on Instagram is not specifically for one particular business or industry. Instead, the Entrepreneur Magazine features multiple notable and highly successful brand founders through this account. Therefore, you can follow them to see different types of businesses and their tactics through this single account.

Moreover, users can follow the brand owners that get a feature directly as well. Since this account promotes multiple other businesses from different industries, professionals looking for inspiration can observe their preferences.

To note, this account does not simply publish the basic headshot of the businesses. Instead, they take time to highlight the best elements of the entrepreneurs. Overall, it showcases multiple valid news related to marketing, small business management, and entrepreneurship as well.

2. Gary Vaynerchuk

Inspiring Instagram account by Gary Vaynerchuk

Username: @garyvee

To note, Vaynerchuk is an important name in the circles of investment, marketing, and entrepreneurship. In fact, he has previously made investments in multiple high-scale brands such as Twitter, Snapchat, and Facebook.

A major reason why small business owners looking for examples of good marketing plans should depend on this account is its reach. Indeed, Vaynerchuk has years' worth of marketing and business acumen.

This has allowed him to utilize the best marketing tricks related to Instagram for his account. Currently, the entrepreneur possesses over 9 million organic Instagram followers, comparatively higher than many known brands on this platform.

To create a serviceable marketing strategy of your own, you should view this account as an example. Also, take note of the business tips Vaynerchuk himself gives out.

3. Richard Branson

Richard Branson's Instagram account for business inspiration

Username: @richardbranson

Founder of Virginia Group, Richard Branson, has operative control over 400+ businesses of different types. Therefore, you can rely on his personal Instagram account for useful quotes and tips on valuable business management measures.

Notably, a lot of the content the entrepreneur publishes includes motivational quotes related to entrepreneurship in general. Many of these quotations are useful for small business management and learning the right steps to achieve goals quickly.

4. Arianna Huffington

Arianna Huffington's Instagram account

Username: @ariannahuff

Arianna Huffington is a well-established name in the media industry. Thus, new business owners can refer to the types of content she posts for accurate marketing tips and strategies. Also, Huffington has expert knowledge on multiple aspects of business and media management.

One of the main topics she focuses on extensively is burnout, especially for startup professionals. Typically, new entrepreneurs and owners of small businesses have to deal with multiple tasks and deadlines.

This inadvertently increases stress levels, and that affects the output level of the business.Thereafter, she gives valuable tips to handle a burnout period and how to handle a work slump.

5. Ellevest

Ellevest instagram page (small business inspiration)

Username: @Ellevest

This account is mainly run by and dedicated to the women leaders in the business sphere. Typically, it highlights successful female professionals and promotes knowledge content/strategies under tags like #InvestLikeAWomen. For small business owners specifically, the account itself is a good source of inspiration from the design perspective as well.

To note, this account on Instagram features engaging content like stunning graphics and GIFs. Also, it showcases spotlights and statistical data and also hosts small Q&A videos.

6. David Cancel

David Cancel's instagram account

Username: @dcancel

This professional is the CEO and co-founder of Drift and also has other qualifications like podcast hosting, writing, and marketing. Therefore, small business owners who view David Cancel's Instagram feed would notice multiple relatable posts.

Indeed, Cancel often shares his book recommendations on his page. These are useful for fellow professionals in the business world. He posts helpful and motivational quotes as well and promotes notable business insights from his podcast.

7. Greats

Inspiring Instagram page by Greats

Username: @greats

Greats is a sneaker brand based out of Brooklyn. A notable point about them is the fact that much of their promotional success and business growth revolved around social media marketing.

Specifically, their strategies for business growth on Instagram have proven highly efficient to increase the follower count of Greats. Reportedly, Instagram-based marketing was highly responsible for its first 1 million customer growth.

Small business owners would notice that this brand mainly focuses on value-oriented content instead of brand promotion. This is one of the main reasons why Greats has evolved successfully. Therefore, for your business, you should follow a similar strategy.

Moreover, this account provides engaging posts that are trendy and appeal to the current user demographics. Since the company does not add a lot of serious content and provides fun options, its brand-customer relationship is stronger.

8. Grant Cardone

Grant Cardone's instagram account

Username: @grantcardone

Grant Cardone is a known startup advisor, author, as well as an an entrepreneur. Furthermore, he holds expertise in brand growth and promotion techniques via digital channels.

He can provide many types of useful tips, sales advice, and data-driven examples for business growth.

9. The Honest Company

Instagram page by the Honest company

Username: @honest

On Instagram, this account is available for business owners, professionals, and entrepreneurs to get access to multiple subject matters. Specifically, the company posts entertaining memes, motivational quotes, as well as their product images. These are effective tools for increasing engagement rates.

To note, @honest includes posts with bright images with text-based details and the brand logo. They prompt the followers to further #repost the posts as well, thereby enhancing their consumer reach.

The company makes use of multiple branding-oriented posts in their Instagram posts. Generally, the posts you would notice under this company include image filters and white background features.

10. Manny Khosbin

Manny Khoshbin for small business inspiration

Username: @mannykhoshbin

Khoshbin is a notable name in the real estate industry and posts stories on his experience via Instagram. Originally from Iran, Khoshbin traveled to America as a 14-year-old and had zero knowledge of the culture or language.

Over the years, he has accumulated vast amounts of success and wealth through dedication and perseverance. While this account is not full of marketing tips, most small business owners find Khoshbin's journey inspiring.

11. Brit Morin

Brit Morin's instagram page

Username: @brit

Brit Morin is the founding member of Brit&Co; a multi-million business focused on the lifestyle industry. In the beginning, Morin was a blogger and utilized her experience and skills in digital media to build her brand popularity on Instagram.

Therefore, for a proper view of professional, consistent, and engaging content that would interest views, Morin's account has informative content.


Overall, you can get multiple useful tips related to brand promotion and growth from these professionals on Instagram. Viewing these accounts will give you an idea of useful content arrangement style, captions, hashtags, and accurate posting frequency as well. Accordingly, you can frame an effective Instagram-based marketing strategy for your own small business.

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